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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Pvt. Pedro Cano

By Shannon Collins – As an infantryman in World War II, Army Pvt. Pedro Cano used a shoulder-fired rocket launcher to take out more than 19 enemy soldiers and several machine guns terrorizing American troops in Schevenhutte, Germany, during the Battle of Hurtgen Forest. For this action, he earned the Medal of Honor in 1944. According to the official citation, ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Tech. 5th Grade Harold A. Garman

By Shannon Collins – As a combat medic in World War II, Army Technician 5th Grade Harold A. Garman dove into the Seine River in France to pull a boat of wounded soldiers to safety amid enemy machine-gun fire. Garman joined the Army in Albion, Illinois, in 1942. By Aug. 25, 1944, he was a private serving as a medic ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Navy Adm. Frank Jack Fletcher

By Shannon Collins – Operational commander Navy Adm. Frank Jack Fletcher used his leadership experience in two key World War II engagements in the Pacific theater: the Battle of Midway and the Battle of the Coral Sea. But long before that, his actions during the 1914 occupation of Veracruz, Mexico, earned him the Medal of Honor. Born in Marshalltown, Iowa, ...

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U.S. Airmen Fly Higher, Further, Faster as ‘Captain Marvel’ Extras

By Shannon Collins – Air Force airmen and aircraft provide realism as Carol Danvers, also known as “Captain Marvel,” climbs higher, further and faster in theaters this weekend. About 50 airmen from the Fresno-based 144th Fighter Wing of the California Air National Guard and the 412th Test Wing from Edwards Air Force Base, California, had roles as extras for the ...

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