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Bernie Sanders goes on CNN to call out Trump on leadership

Senator Bernie Sanders went on CNN earlier this week to say that Americans “can’t look to this White House for leadership.”

“CNN’s Anderson Cooper talks to Sen. Bernie Sanders about President Donald Trump’s tariff plan and the latest news from the White House,” the Youtube description reads, but that’s not an accurate portrayal of this hot mess at all.

The interview started out focused on porn star Stormy Daniels’ allegations of an affair with Trump years prior to him running for office – a subject almost no one cares about. Anderson and Bernie then move on to whether Trump is “fit temperamentally to be president of the United States,” taking a page out of Hillary Clinton’s failed playbook. Finally, the two moved on to tariffs, trade and international relations – subjects that should have led the segment.

Anderson’s questions were leading/borderline softball and the interview wasn’t about Bernie at all – it was all about White House palace intrigue and salacious gossip about the president. Anderson would have done Bernie a favor had he tried harder to understand the Senator’s stances on real issues which might have given Sanders a chance at looking like a possibility in 2020. Instead, Bernie’s platform looks the same as the #resist movement which has so far done nothing for the country, the Democratic party or .. much of anyone else.

Ed Craig

Ed Craig is an independent political commentator. With no allegiance to any party, he analyzes what's going in D.C. and points out what matters. His opinions are his own and not necessarily shared by The Main Steet Examiner, its staff or officers.

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