Border Patrol seizes more than $1M of drugs in the Rio Grande Valley

By R. Mitchell

EDINBURG, Texas Three drug smuggling attempts lead to the seizure of more than 1250 pounds of marijuana.


On Sunday, agents from the Javier Vega Jr. checkpoint referred a white Ford F-150 for secondary inspection after a Border Patrol K-9 alerted to it. At secondary, an inspection of the vehicle revealed more than 195 pounds of marijuana concealed inside an auxiliary fuel tank. Agents arrested the driver and escorted him to secondary for processing. The marijuana has an approximate worth of 156K.


A few hours later, agents working near Garceno, Texas, observed several drug smugglers make landfall on the U.S. riverbank and proceeded to load multiple bundles of marijuana into a Pontiac mini-van. The vehicle attempted to leave the area, but the driver of the vehicle abandoned the vehicle upon seeing the responding agents. Agents searched the van and discovered more than 880 pounds of marijuana worth more than $705K. 


The following morning, agents on patrol near Pharr, Texas, discovered more than 178 pounds of marijuana abandoned in the brush. Agents searched the area for the smugglers and additional bundles to no avail. The marijuana is worth an estimated $143K.


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