Fox News asked us to promote their Weekend Mueller Coverage – In Solidarity with Judge Jeanine, We declined

By R. Mitchell

Jeanine Pirro Justice with Judge Jeanine

There is only one major news network that honors the conservative perspective with a modicum of respect and we have a relationship with them, but over the last few weeks, they’ve fallen victim to the same political correctness forces as our higher learning institutions and media outlets and we’ve let them know that we won’t continue to support them if they don’t support freedom and American women.

Our editorial policy promotes the strength and freedom of women and men equally and the latest moves by Fox News have made it impossible for us to promote the network at this time.

Women are a great strength in our nation and having FNC rebuke Jeanine Pirro and support Rep. Ilhan Omar and Donna Brazile is reprehensible.

My wife and daughter both reacted in utter horror when FNC failed to support Pirro because she recognized that Islam requires that women must be subservient to men and wear hijabs or other head coverings. Sharia law is the antithesis of true feminism and Pirro knows that. Apparently, FNC does not. FNC’s leadership is doing it wrong and I cannot promote your content while you choose to keep women down.

The decision of Fox News to suspend Jeanine Pirro while elevating former DNC Chair Donna Brazile, who allegedly cheated during the 2016 presidential election, is also reprehensible and unfair.

What is worse is that Muslim activists would press their culture on our free and strong women. I cannot, in good conscience promote the anti-woman agenda of the Islamic movement. Unless Muslim men are willing to put a Hajib on their heads, they have no right to demand that Muslim women wear one. Until that happens, count CDN out.

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We work closely with resources at Fox News, but we agree with the sentiment of our president and readership that the line is ‘here and no further’.

Our audience seems genuinely disenfranchised over the Pirro and Brazile decisions. As the Editor-in-chief of CDN, I agree.

Pirro has been right for years and now that Mueller is ending his politically-motivated attack on Trump’s presidency, she’s being pushed aside and former DNC chair Donna Brazile is being brought forward.

Fox News asked us to promote their weekend Mueller Report coverage and we responded: “My readers are now reacting negatively to Fox News articles so I feel that we’ll have to wait and see what comes of this over the next few months, but there is no way I can publish anything like this at this time.”

Fox suspended Jeanine Pirro because she stated the truth. She didn’t say that all Muslims were reprehensible or that Muslim women weren’t worthy of equality. Instead, she spoke out against the misogyny of Islamic Sharia Law and Fox News punished her for it

We cannot stand with them on this anti-freedom stance and will not promote content from them until they apologize for their anti-woman stance which was clearly a mistake.

If Fox News is worried about checking boxes, Judge Jeanine is a woman and a person of color. What moron took her off the air for stating the truth?

Actions have consequences and Fox News will have to deal with the consequences of theirs.

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