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Los Angeles Police Brace for Trump Visit This Week

President Donald Trump will visit southern California this week and local police are preparing “for anything.”

On Tuesday, the president will travel to San Diego, California to review the prototype border wall designs that have been tested in recent months and visit with members of the military. He will then travel to Los Angeles to attend a fundraiser. The trip, in the works for months, will be his first visit to the state during his presidency and the White House expects it to be a positive one.

California has been an epicenter for everything Anti-Trump and while at least one protest has already been organized, many more are anticipated. L.A. Deputy Police Chief Horace Frank said that the city has issued no permits for marches, but that they “are prepared for anything” as they do expect to see supporters and protesters when the president visits.

At least one protest is planned in Beverly Hills area between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m Tuesday by a Facebook group, Trump Not Welcome in LA. More than 1,000 people have indicated they will attend. The Los Angeles Police Department is preparing for many more protests of various sizes on the Westside. Trump’s earlier visits to L.A. while he was a candidate did bring out demonstrators.

The march is being organized by Union del Bario Political Secretary Ron Gochez.

“He cannot step foot in this state and not expect an organized response to denounce him,” Gochez said. “We have dignity and we can only demonstrate that through denouncing Trump and fighting for freedom from fear. We are not just going to stand with our arms crossed while they deport us or attack Muslims or women’s rights.”

The Trump administration’s relations with California are tense as the state has attempted to block the enforcement of federal immigration laws and is the source of numerous lawsuits obstructing executive orders from the White House.

Trump’s fraught relationship with California, where he has some of his lowest approval ratings, is sure to cast a shadow on the visit. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said this week he considers the state at war with Trump’s government, and has fiercely denounced the president on climate change, marijuana policy, offshore drilling and, lately, immigration.

Trump’s administration on Tuesday  filed a lawsuit against California over its so-called sanctuary laws meant to protect undocumented immigrants. Sanctuary laws, which limit local police cooperating with federal immigration authorities, allow police to work better with immigrant communities, and to dedicate their time and resources to law enforcement priorities aside from immigration, California says.


Ed Craig

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