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Yuma Sector Seizes $345K in Meth at Checkpoint

By R. Mitchell

YUMA, Ariz. – Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Interstate 8 Immigration Checkpoint thwarted two methamphetamine smuggling attempts valued at more than $345K in two separate events over the weekend.


In the first event at approximately 9:52 a.m. Saturday, a Border Patrol canine working at the primary lane of the checkpoint alerted to an odor it was trained to detect originating from a beige 2003 Honda Civic. Upon further investigation in the secondary inspection area, agents discovered 82 packages of methamphetamine hidden in the gas tank, rear quarter panels and passenger door. The narcotics weighed approximately 94.3 pounds with a street value of more than $216,820.


The male driver, a 28-year-old United States citizen from Yuma, was arrested for the transportation of a controlled substance.


In the second event at approximately 7:40 a.m. Sunday, another Border Patrol canine assigned to the primary inspection lane of the checkpoint positively alerted to an odor it was trained to detect emitting from a silver 2010 Chrysler Sebring with Mexican plates. Agents sent the vehicle to the secondary inspection area and discovered 14 packages of methamphetamine hidden in the gas tank of the vehicle. The narcotics weighed approximately 55.73 pounds with an approximate street value of $128,185.


The female driver, a 25-year-old Mexican national, and her 22-year-old male Mexican national passenger, were arrested for the transportation of a controlled substance. Both individuals had Border Crossing Cards.


Federal law allows agents to charge individuals by complaint, a method that allows the filing of criminal activity charges without inferring guilt. An individual is presumed innocent unless and until competent evidence is presented to a jury that establishes guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials welcome assistance from the community. Individuals can report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol and remain anonymous by calling 1-877-872-7435 toll free. Reporting illicit activity could result in saving someone’s life. 

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R. Mitchell

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